One night only, Saturday February 20, 6:00-10:00pm

In a new series of sculptures for The Pink Building titled “Corner Stone”, Molly Welch packs concrete into the wall-to floor corners along the perimeter of the exhibition space, to cast an arris. Breaks in the footprint of the room made by door openings define individual sculptures, which are then lifted up off the floor to lean against walls, teeter, and jut out into the room. The spatial relationship of the sculptures to the room that made them is a three dimensional puzzle the artist sets up for the viewer. The viewer is invited to look at and consider (literally) every corner of the room so the space becomes, in part, a subject of the sculptures.

A great admirer and inheritor of mid-century minimalism, Ms. Welch’s work uses this material and visual alphabet, while somehow comedically misspelling all the words. “Cornerstone” is both a nod to Richard Serra’s “Gutter corner Splash: Night Shift” 1969/1995 and a pointed celebration of and meditation on space, which in this case is a former dentist’s reception area that generously services artists and their practice.

Also on display are a series of cut up and re-assembled photographic C-prints titled “un-edition I-VIII”. These ‘drawings’ are a continuation of a body of work exploring the often complicated and necessary relationship between day-job and studio practice, and the semantics of ‘work’. The provenance of the materials Welch uses is integral to the work she makes, and in this series the rejected photographic C-prints from a paid job edition printing for another artist are used as medium. By destroying each image (with industrial shredder, or by random and organized geometric cuts) and then re-assembling, the images are assigned a new subject, and a new author.

Molly Welch is a 2001 graduate of The Cooper Union for the Advancement of Science and Art and lives and works in Brooklyn NY.

Molly Welch

Special exhibition by Brooklyn-based artist Molly Welch: Corner Stone