Cliff Elliot: Modern Homes (And How to Live In Them)

The Pink Building Project is wrapping up its year long occupation of 501 E. Davie St. with two exhibitions in the month of September. We begin our farewell with a solo exhibition by Aug/Sept Guest Resident Artist Cliff Elliott titled Modern Homes (And How to Live In Them). Please join us during the following times:

Opening Reception: Thursday 9/22, 6-10pm

Gallery Hours: Saturday 9/24, 1-4pm, Sunday 9/25, 1-4pm

About the work:
The work of Raleigh artist Cliff Elliott explores the tension that exists between our understanding of ourselves and the external experiences that influence identity. Elliott meticulously collects and catalogs imagery both appropriated and original to create a rich visual library from which he draws to produce complex digital collages. Modern Homes (And How to Live In Them) represents the artist’s search for meaning and connection at the crossroads of subconscious and awareness.

New Media Menagerie: Alexis Price


In one of our final shows, The Pink Building presents Raleigh painter Alexis Price as she continues her series, New Media Menagerie. This body of work provides playful commentary on self-exhibitionism in a social media saturated culture. Mixed media paintings will be on view, as well as a selfie photo booth complete with handmade masks that allows the viewer to become one of the artist’s fantastical creatures. (more…)

Flowers Perishable


Solo Exhibition by Deana Nguyen, Guest Resident Artist May/June

Focusing on the cyclical nature of flowers, this exhibition is a collection of arrangements: old and new, living and dead. The works on display are interpretations of Ikebana, a disciplined form of Japanese flower arranging in which the arrangement draws connections between humanity and nature. The viewer is invited to celebrate these flowers as they exist in the present moment, through varying stages of decay and disintegration, life and growth. (more…)

I AM _________


Stacey Kirby’s newest performative interaction, I AM _________ recently debuted at The Pink Building as part of the exhibition FU HB2: North Carolina Artists Respond to House Bill 2. The piece was such a hit the artist is back for a limited run! Please join us this Sunday, June 5, 1:00-3:00 to participate in this important work. Municipal Education t-shirts (generously donated by Tannis Root Productions) will be on sale. Proceeds donated to Equality NC.  (more…)



FUHB2: North Carolina Artists Respond to House Bill 2
A Fundraiser for Equality NC

Thursday May 26, 6:00 – 10:00 pm

Artists have a voice in our community and it’s time for us to speak up. Loudly.

The Pink Building Project is hosting a group exhibition of North Carolina artists making work in response to House Bill 2. This exhibition will double as a fundraiser for Equality NC to aid in their legal fight against HB2. All proceeds from work sold during the show will be donated.  (more…)

Pete Sack: New paintings


Thursday May 5, 6:00-10:00pm

As part of The Pink Building’s mission to provide professional development opportunities to emerging artists through innovative use of space we are proud to announce the launch of our Guest Residency Program. Inaugural Guest Resident Artist Pete Sack has just completed a two month stay, and we are excited to share with you an exhibition of the work produced during that time.  (more…)

Special exhibition by Brooklyn-based artist Molly Welch: Corner Stone


One night only, Saturday February 20, 6:00-10:00pm

In a new series of sculptures for The Pink Building titled “Corner Stone”, Molly Welch packs concrete into the wall-to floor corners along the perimeter of the exhibition space, to cast an arris. Breaks in the footprint of the room made by door openings define individual sculptures, which are then lifted up off the floor to lean against walls, teeter, and jut out into the room. The spatial relationship of the sculptures to the room that made them is a three dimensional puzzle the artist sets up for the viewer. The viewer is invited to look at and consider (literally) every corner of the room so the space becomes, in part, a subject of the sculptures. (more…)

Neutral Destiny: New Work by Ollie Wagner

Opening reception Friday January 29, 6:00-10:00pm

Closing reception First Friday February 5, 6:00-10:00pm

Gallery hours by appointment

In a new series of painted and collaged works Ollie Wagner reexamines the American landscape through the lens of media, piecing together video stills, photographs, and found footage to create a highly filtered reproduction of reality. (more…)

Cheap Art Party + Holiday Craft Market

The Pink Building is hosting a two-part event that is guaranteed to meet all your holiday shopping needs!!

Part 1: Cheap Art Party!
December First Friday, 12/4, 6:00-10:00pm
All art $100 or less, featuring many of Raleigh's best artists. No pretension here, just good art at a good price!

Participating Artists:

  • The Buchanan Bros.
  • Scott Donley
  • David Eichenberger
  • Sherry di Filippo
  • Raymond Goodman
  • Miles Holst
  • Kelly Kye
  • Janet Link
  • Kristin Matwiczyk
  • Kelsey Melville
  • Pati Reis
  • Pete Sack
  • Shelley Smith
  • Derek Toomes
  • Ollie Wagner
  • + MORE

Part 2: Holiday Art + Craft Market
Saturday December 5, noon-5:00pm
A makers market featuring a variety of art and craft vendors. Give the gift of the handmade and support your local artisans at the same time!

Participating Vendors and Artisans:

  • Adrienne Mackenzie
  • Apiopolis Bee Sanctuary / Girl Honey
  • Dear Hearts
  • Embrace Your Southern Jewelry
  • Kye + Hardy
  • Liz Kelly Pottery
  • MacKenzie Bullard
  • Old News Design
  • Oneironaut
  • Yellow Dog Bread Company
  • + MORE