Deana Nguyen is an aspiring polymath living and playing in Raleigh, NC. After dabbling in countless mediums ranging from paint to metal, she developed an immediate relationship with flowers and fell curiously in love with their innate beauty and the emotions they evoke. Her intent is to present flowers as art to honor and convey her gratitude for the natural world.

For three months in the summer of 2015, she apprenticed for Jaclyn K. Nesbitt Designs in Sonoma County, CA. Since then, Deana has been studying and experimenting with flowers with the intention to help lead a flower shop opening early this fall.


Deana’s two month residency at The Pink Building will focus on the cyclical nature of flowers, creating living arrangements that over the course of time will decay to embody a meditation of fragility, impermanence and mortality. In our culture death is something we consider taboo and the words dying and decay are often avoided. This transitory element so intrinsic to flowers often deters people from integrating them into daily life. The intention behind Deana’s arrangements is to encourage people to engage in the beauty of this process. During this process she reflects on her own ability to celebrate the present moment while honoring the natural cycle of living, breathing and dying.

We die in each moment and again, in each moment, we are born. The process of birth and death goes on endlessly, moment after moment, right before our eyes.

-Thich Nhat Hanh

Deana Nguyen